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Sistem Informasi Indeks Prestasi Dosen STMIK STIKOM Bali
Nur Fauzan Hidayat

Last modified: 2016-10-18


Improvement in information systems, especially for college is very important, given the highlevel of it’s complexity. Leadership figures or managerial figures as decision makers or as lecturers andstaffs are often face raw datas in which still have to be processed into important information to makedecisions. As an effort to improve the quality of teaching, STMIK STIKOM BALI uses a lecturerachievement index as their assessment tool to measure the lecturer performance in teaching. Thislecturers achievement index calculates parameters that are owned by each lecturer. Pusat JaminanMutu(PJM) which manage of the human resources quality control want a system that can calculate thelecturer achievement index (IPD) to ease the monitoring of lecturers, quality has built lecturersachievement index Information System for STMIK STIKOM BALI.Engineering methods used in makingthis system is the Waterfall model. This system requires parameters the lecturers data and their lecturerachievement index. This system will display the number of IPD from each lecturer, the number of studentswho answered the questionnaire, and evaluation charts. This system can process the lecturer achievementindex data in STMIK STIKOM BALI. This will make the admin (PJM) easier to monitor the performanceof each lecturer in STMIK STIKOM Bali.